Edge computing represents a long-term transformation of the Internet that could take decades to fully materialize.

On Over the Edge, we interview corporate leaders, open-source experts, technologists, journalists, analysts, and innovators pushing the boundaries of edge. We will keep you up to date on all the latest developments in the Edge industry. 

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mimik technology
In this interview, Fay discusses the origins of mimik’s hybrid edge cloud computing application development platform, and how it is enabling digital transformation and helping build a socially and economically sustainable applications ecosystem.
In this interview, Craig discusses the Kubernetes origin story, his current work in the Modern Application Platform business unit at VMware, and why he says Edge will be a highly disruptive area of innovation.
In this interview, David and Dalerie discuss the unique challenges of bringing edge solutions to emerging markets, and how the edge represents a huge opportunity to introduce a quality digital experience to countries with underdeveloped telecoms infrastructure.
Red Hat
In this interview, Nick discusses what it means to set edge strategy for Red Hat, where he’s seeing the most edge-related demand right now, why the future of edge must be open, and the floating IP solution he’s constructed in order to get reliable internet while he sails around the world on his boat.
Ori Industries
In this interview, Lee dives deep into the technological challenges of building the next generation of cloud, illustrating his and Ori’s approach to solving the infrastructure, software, networking, and business problems of constructing the globally-distributed edge cloud of the future.
In this interview, Jonathan and Matt discuss the past, present, and future of edge technology, starting with the origins of Akamai at MIT in 1997, through to Jonathan’s latest venture at Ridge, where he is building the distributed cloud platform that will power the next generation of cloud native applications.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
In this interview, Rodney takes us through the technological and logistical challenges of implementing edge solutions at the enterprise level, the thinking that led HPE to develop an entire product line of edge servers, the types of use cases that are getting traction today, and more.
In this interview, Iain discusses the many challenges and intersections between wireless, mobile, and edge computing, his views on where the telco operators will fit into edge, the role CBRS will play, and much more.
Federated Wireless
In this interview, Iyad discusses CBRS, shared spectrum, and the massive potential for disruption and innovation they represent, as well as the interesting intersections between CBRS and edge computing.
In this interview, David discusses how NetFoundry is redefining networking in order to enable innovation, the key role networking plays in digital transformation, the critical moment IoT is undergoing, and why edge solutions need to be an ecosystem play in order to succeed.
Stacey on IoT
In this interview, Stacey explains the intersection between IoT and edge, how to think about IoT from the bottom-up perspective of the devices and manufacturers, and shares some interesting use cases and innovative companies tackling the most challenging problems in the space.
Carnegie Mellon University
In this interview, Satya shares how he started thinking about distributed computing infrastructure for mobile devices back in 1993, how much of his vision has come true in the decades since, and his views on the future of cloud, edge, IoT, and much more.
In this interview, Simon discusses how SWIM is solving the problem of stateless computing with its edge intelligence software that focuses on edge-based learning for fast-data and continuous intelligence.
Ori Industries
In this interview, Mahdi articulates his ambitious vision for bringing cloud-native technology to the edge and building a new kind of cloud with the ability to power and scale the new internet.
In this interview, Sarah discusses her approach to solving those problems, as well as the present and future use cases and challenges of IoT deployment at the edge.
Vapor IO
In this interview, Cole lays out his vision for creating the world’s first intelligent, hyper-modular data center solution, and how Vapor is fixing the fundamental architectural problems of the internet.
In this interview, Alex explains the role of standards bodies like ETSI, how standards drive market adoption, and why they are important for the future of the edge intersection between telcos, cloud providers, and developers.
Cowen and Company
In this interview, Colby offers his unique perspective on the investment decisions that are powering the growth of edge infrastructure, the elements that will enable True 5G, and how the pieces work together to usher in the fourth industrial revolution.
Microsoft Research
Victor Bahl is one of the Fathers of Edge Computing. His seminal 2009 paper titled “The Case for VM-based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing” spawned the vision for what we now call Edge. In this interview, Victor shares the story behind the genesis of that paper, and his experience of the evolution of edge in the years since.
Edge Computing World & Topio Networks
In this interview, Gavin uses his overarching perspective on the Edge landscape to give insights about where the industry is headed and how the market for Edge solutions is evolving.
Edgevana, Inc.
In this interview, Mark discusses his mission of lowering barriers-to-entry to deploy capability at the edge, the economics of shared infrastructure, and why he says the opportunity associated with the edge could be bigger than the cloud.
Macrometa Corp
In this interview, Chetan discusses his approach to solving the fundamental problems developers face with cloud-native apps, and how the edge represents a new paradigm for how applications and services are going to be built going forward.
In this interview, Jason discusses the significance of open source collaboration and interconnected ecosystems in scaling IoT and edge adoption.
Disruptive Analysis
In this interview, Dean gives us his unfiltered views on Edge, IoT, 5G, their intersection with the telecoms industry, and why the future of edge is going to be a lot messier than you think.
In this interview, Malini discusses her work in The Open Source Technology Center at VMware, the valuable role that open source plays in IoT and Edge, and interesting use cases for how Edge is solving macro problems.
In this interview, Mehdi discusses Catchpoint’s cutting-edge approach to monitoring, the user demands that will drive innovation in the third act of the internet, and how the current pandemic will serve as a massive digital accelerator.
In this interview, Joe discusses Zenlayer’s evolution from edge data center provider to the goal of becoming the world’s #1 edge cloud provider, as well as Zenlayer’s focus on being a truly global company and its unique capability and passion for serving emerging markets
In this interview, Jacob discusses the founding of Packet and the vision for bringing the world of software into the world of physical networks, cloud infrastructure as a craft, what he sees as the next stages of edge computing, and much more.
In this interview, Galeal discusses NetFoundry’s mission to enable innovation, the importance of zero trust networking, his views on the future of edge technology, and much more.
Vapor IO
On this episode, Ian and Matt discuss the current state, and future of edge computing, the vision for this podcast, and why now is an inflection point for the Edge community.