The New Order of Edge Computing with Steve Mueller, Chief Technology Officer, Hypersive

In this episode, Steve provides views on what edge computing is today, the state of remote desktop virtualization, and how security is being implemented in current and next generation technologies and infrastructures.
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Steve Mueller is the founder and CTO of Hypersive, an experienced startup focused on delivering building management workloads as single-tenant in-cloud or on-prem services. In his previous role, Steve spent 7 years at AWS, where he led, among other things, the software development of physical security technologies for Amazon corporate events, public tradeshows, and the company’s highest levels of executive personnel. He has spoken at numerous industry tradeshows, including AWS re:Invent, and is passionate about edge operating systems, containers as a transformative application delivery model, and the intersection of modern corporate infrastructure and infosec methodologies with everyday video surveillance and access control.

This episode of Over the Edge features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Steve Mueller, Chief Technology Officer, Hypersive. Considered one of the world’s leading experts in remote technologies, Steve has spent the past 25 years providing his technical expertise to more than 300 of the largest enterprises across 5 continents. He spent his early years building core devops and virtualization principles to achieve automation and scale, has worked for VMware and AWS addressing customer needs, and is now CTO of a startup focused on next-generation edge, end-user compute, and device virtualization.

In this episode, Steve evaluates what the edge is today and how it has changed overtime. He talks about cloud computing and working in a remote desktop world. Steve addresses the future of physical security and technology, and why he is so excited about what’s in store for the use of video. He also explains how his company Hypersive provides a platform for building management and security through ready-to-run cloud services that work with already existing infrastructures. 


Key Quotes:

“The number one threat to any organization is the insider threat. So you don’t trust your own people and that’s very brutal. It’s borderline non humanitarian, but if you’re a business owner, especially at scale, the number one thing you’re worrying about, the thing you’re most proud about is your employees. Something you’re worried about is your employees most. That’s the one that takes companies down.” 

“Really at the end of the day, remote desktops and remote applications run in the cloud. So, if we take something like Amazon, AppStream, or Amazon workspaces, they give you an inherently improved security posture. You get to govern and control in ways that you couldn’t before.” 

“We’re focused on taking the technologies that customers use to manage their buildings and delivering it back to them as a service so that they can get off their traditional racks and consume those things that are either video surveillance or access control, the physical security world, or things like escalators, elevators, and commercial controls. They can consume that as a service and by service. In the end, our mission is to say, those workloads that you have in your building, it’s not about the rack. It’s about the fact that you, the customer, are having to constantly install it, or you’re having to pay someone to install it. This is undifferentiated heavy lifting. What if we gave it back to you as a service that you consume and let you choose where to place it on the hardware? And so, we’re really working with these customers to take these workloads, deliver them back to them as single tenant SAS services that they can consume. They don’t have to put their people on it to build them. They can just use it in a consumption way and then they can put it where they want.”

“The long-term here is it is less to do about the compute and the need for the rack. It’s more of, I’m trying to get out of a world where I’m only left with primordial infrastructure, compute network, and storage and moving into second or third tier services from these providers. Right now those services of course are totally remote. We do see a world one day where the companies like Amazon and Microsoft bring the services back to their cloud hardware. And I think in 10 years, time or less, we will see a rise in cloud-based hardware infrastructure back on prem or near prem; that has these types of native services that are more than just primordial infrastructure.”


Show Timestamps:  

(02:15) Getting into Technology 

(04:00) Transitioning into Software 

(05:05) Nostalgia Software Language

(06:00) Editor of Choice

(07:30) Career Journey

(09:45) Working for Amazon

(13:15) Working in a Remote Desktop World

(16:00) Working in Amazon Data Centers

(19:05) Founding Hypersive

(22:15) Physical Security and Technology

(27:00) Important Considerations for Building Security

(31:00) Surveillance Cameras

(36:30) Hypersive’s Focus on Cloud Security

(41:00) Interacting with and Future of the Edge 

(48:45) The Future World of Video Technology and Security



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