Standards are there for a Reason with Dario Sabella, ETSI MEC Chairman

In this episode, Dario discuss the importance of standardization for Multi-access Edge Computing.
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Dario Sabella works with INTEL as Senior Manager Standards and Research, driving new technologies and edge cloud innovation for advanced systems, involved in ecosystem engagement and coordinating internal alignment on edge computing across standards and industry groups. In February 2021 has been elected as Chairman of ETSI MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing), while from 2019 he was serving as vice-chairman, previously Lead of Industry Groups, and from 2015 vice-chair of IEG WG. Since 2017 he is also delegate of 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) and Lead of gMEC4AUTO in 5GAA. Before 2017 he worked in TIM (Telecom Italia group), as responsible in various research, experimental and operational activities on OFDMA technologies (WiMAX, LTE, 5G). Author of several publications (40+) and patents (30+) in the field of wireless communications, energy efficiency and edge computing, Dario is IEEE senior member and has also organized several international workshops and conferences.

This episode of Over the Edge features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Dario Sabella, ETSI MEC Chairman.

Dario drives new technologies and edge cloud innovation for new communication systems. At Intel, he helps create world-changing technology to drive business and society forward. Dario’s involved in standardizing tech ecosystems and coordinating internal alignment on edge computing across SDOs and industry groups. As a chairman of the ETSI MEC, he also helps oversee the standardization of an open environment allowing for efficient and seamless integration of applications across Multi-access Edge Computing platforms.

In this episode, Matt and Dario discuss the importance of standardization as it pertains to MEC and the work of ETSI. Dario provides insight on different practices for  deploying processes and workload at the edge. He emphasizes why collaboration within the telecommunications industry is critical to best serve customers, and what’s necessary for the future of edge computing.


Key Quotes:

“The benefits of the coupling software and virtualizing everything, and doing so in this environment with virtual machines, containers, that’s the power of this kind of cloud transformation, where MEC is a part of the journey. So, why not exploiting this flexibility, and then why not consider many kinds of deepness of the edge that are perfectly fine in principle? Of course, there are trade offs, but these are deployment choices, which depend, for example, on convenience, requirements, but also costs.”

“The standard is there for a reason, for long term interoperability and stability. But the need and approach to standardizing is not to over-engineer everything because otherwise we are risking to close the market. This is going really against also your interest.”

“To build end-to-end this kind of service, we have to collaborate, and everybody has to talk the same language in terms of data exchange practically. That’s the role of the standard. So, restful APIs, data types, definitions, all the messages, everything should be in the standard. Otherwise, it’s a mess. Well, in the competition, otherwise, there is no cake for anybody. Right? You talk about a total addressable market and then just having a portion of the cake of the market. If we compete and don’t create a standard, there is no cake for anybody There is no market. So, the standard is enabling this entire cake and allowing them to work together because it is not actually competition, it’s a collaboration.”


Show Timestamps:

(02:50) Dario’s Path into Technology

(4:10) Who sets the wireless communications standards?

(5:42) ETSI’s role in the standards world

(07:00) Why a customer-oriented approach is critical

(08:09) Importance of industry specification groups in MEC

(11:20) Significance of a standard’s body

(13:20) Defining multi-access edge computing

(16:05) Where is the edge?

(20:55) How hyperscalers and MEC standards work together at the edge

(24:35) Exploring the MEC Federation

(27:23) Cloud and edge in everyday life

(30:45) The importance of standards

(33:20) The future of MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing)

(38:50) Dario’s goals for the future of the industry and standardization



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