Edge Computing is Not Always Easy with Dalia Adib, Director, Consulting at STL Partners

In this episode, Dalia Adib explains what telecoms are doing to expand use of the edge and what are some of the best future use cases for its implementation.
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Dalia Adib is an experienced Strategy Consultant currently working at STL Partners, a boutique research and consulting firm focused on the telecoms and technology industry. The organization explores how the sector can derive real value from innovative technologies such as AI, 5G, and edge computing; how it can keep ahead of the curve in terms of digital transformation and new business models; and how to compete strategically in both well established and new/emerging markets. She founded the Edge Computing Practice at STL Partners in 2019. In her role as Director, Consulting, Dalia manages and leads teams to primarily help telcos and their technology partners evaluate new opportunities through proposition development and testing, opportunity assessment and market sizing, business model development, partnership strategies and go-to-market planning. She has led numerous projects on edge computing, working closely with Tier-1 operators to identify strategic opportunities. Dalia has also been leading projects on 5G, blockchain and loT. Prior to STL Partners, she worked at a start-up and has a BSc in Government and Economics from LSE.

This episode of Over the Edge features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Dalia Adib, Director, Consulting at STL Partners. In her role, she manages and leads teams to help telcos and their technology partners evaluate new opportunities. Dalia founded the Edge Computing Practice at STL Partners in 2019, which included building their own proposition in the space and establishing the company as a leading adviser for those looking to grow business opportunities in the edge computing ecosystem.

In this episode, Dalia explains what telecoms are doing to expand service through use of the edge. She defines and outlines where the edge is, and what it is doing to help enable companies to navigate the digital transformation. Dalia also talks about how organizations are thinking about the edge, and what might be some of the best future use cases for its implementation.



Key Quotes:

“Where the edge becomes interesting is when it becomes really dynamic. In that, we’ll have distributed environments where workloads and things can move across each other, and that will further emphasize what is true edge – what is just simply a, a static form of compute or some static compute with an application dedicated to it in an edge-like location.”

“I think generally how we distinguish traditional, let’s say data center infrastructure or on premise compute with the edge is at the software layer. Probably more than anything in that for it to be true edge computing, it should be using cloud native software infrastructure, things like containers. Not everything is yet container based, but it should definitely at least not be about monolithic systems that are inflexible.”

“I think telecom operators are still figuring out their role. One thing that they are doing though, whether it’s with edge or different services, they’re trying to become more digital solution providers in general.”

“There just needs to be more edge infrastructure out there. Otherwise, we’re going to be stuck with either the chicken or the egg, whichever way you look at it.”


Show Timestamps:

(02:15) Getting into Technology

(04:45) Journey to STL Partners

(07:15) All about STL Partners

(10:15) Starting the Edge Practice

(13:15) Distinguishing On-premise computing from Edge Computing

(16:45) How Companies are Thinking about Edge

(25:15) Telecommunications Ecosystems

(27:15) Defining Mobile and Multi-Access Edge Computing – enabling vs providing, mobile, etsi layer

(33:30) What is Local Breakout

(36:15) Use Cases for the Edge – video analytics

(43:15) Trends in Neutral Host and Shared Infrastructure

(51:45) Important Edge Technologies to Push



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