Dell and Exhibit ‘A’, Continued with Matthew Steinberg, Co-Founder of Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing, and Pierluca Chiodelli,Vice President Engineering Technology & Edge Portfolio Product Management and Customer Operations, Dell Technologies

Matthew and Pierluca discuss why the partnership is essential, and what makes it work as well as it does.
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Matthew’s Bio: From the Boston metro area to Western Mass and the islands, Matt Steinberg has brewed all over the state. For nearly 20 years, Steinberg has plied his trade, brewing solid and delightful beers in a wide range of styles. He began his brewing work in the state with stints at Harpoon, John Harvard’s in Cambridge, before spending some time working sales at Concord Brewing. In 2003, Steinberg transitioned to become the head brewery at Offshore Ales on Martha’s Vineyard. In that position, Steinberg brewed a deep portfolio of beers, including Belgian styles, highly hopped ales, and barrel aged offerings. In addition to his brewing responsibilities, Steinberg also served as the brand manager for the pub’s growing package and draft business. At the time, Offshore contracted its bottle production to Casco Bay Brewing and Steinberg spent several days each week off the island, traveling between package stores and tap accounts in the promotion of Offshore’s beers. In 2007, Steinberg would next go on to be the founding brewer at Mayflower Brewing in Plymouth, a brewery where he became known as a master of the porter style. Steinberg went on to brew at Blatant and High Horse before finally settling into his own spot at Exhibit A in Framingham. Steinberg is not an extreme brewer but one more drawn to modern takes on traditional styles. He spent earlier years in his career testing boundaries before settling on a course of producing expressive, full flavored beers within familiar guidelines. Pierluca’s Bio: Pierluca Chiodelli is currently Vice President Engineering Technology & Edge Portfolio Product Manager and Customer Operations. Pierluca’s organization is responsible for Edge Enterprise Dell Technologies roadmap and vision and strategic technical partners engagement across Dell Technologies. Previously Pierluca served as the VP, Engineering Technology for ISG CTO Dell Technologies Solutions where he created an organization that overseeded all the Joint Strategic Projects with VMware. He has also been VP of Product Management for Storage Portfolio and Customer Operations where his organization oversaw the Portfolio Strategy for the Storage BU and led the technical resources across the major storage products. Pierluca has been with Dell Technologies since 1999, with experience in field support and core engineering across Europe and the Americas. Prior to joining Dell Technologies, he worked at Data General and as a consultant for HP Corporation. Pierluca holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Information Technology.

This episode of Over the Edge features a continuation of our interview between Matt Trifiro and Matthew Steinberg, Co-Founder of Exhibit ‘A’ brewing, and Pierluca Chiodelli, Vice President Engineering Technology & Edge Portfolio Product Management and Customer Operations, Dell Technologies.

Matthew and Pierluca come together to continue their conversation on Dell Technology’s work with Exhibit ‘A’ brewing. They discuss why the partnership is essential, and what makes it work as well as it does.

Matthew describes how tech influences his brewery. Pierluca explains why Dell Technologies works with small businesses to implement edge technology. Together, they’ve built a successful project where Dell works at new scales, and Exhibit ‘A’ produces high quality beer with higher speed.


Key Quotes:


“We can’t just start spending money on technology without having a real ROI. This is just a really amazing opportunity for us to look at a lot of these pain points and challenges that we have as a small business and work with edge technology and Dell to really find the sweet spot to make us the most efficient we can be, creating the best products we can, and adding a value to our business.”


“Because we don’t fully understand the technology, we rely on Pierluca and his team to share with us what that technology’s gonna do for us. I’m not looking for a fit, I’m looking for an add. You know, I want this to improve what we do, not just kind of like status quo. So that’s really important for us. And obviously just the straight value that it adds to our small business.”


“Having the connection with Dell that can scale and can breed the technology to all type of people,  from a small business, like Exhibit A, to large implementation. And so having an ecosystem, and that ecosystem can run in a platform like we are building, then allow you to bring them to multiple people. Not only to the very large one that they can permit themselves to have an army of people coming there and develop their own solution.”


“That’s exactly one of the challenge that we took upon when we decide to go to the edge. And when we decide to go to the edge, not just with the fact that we go in and place the normal compute. It’s to understanding, right? And Dell is embarking in this adventure that we start about three years ago with very few people and now we have an entire bu, right, that is looking at this stuff. So what is intriguing is really, that point that,  At the edge, you need to understand how you input the things that someone is doing, right? Their core processes, their outcome. Right? It’s all about the outcome.”


Show Timestamps:

02:25 How tech fits into the brewing industry

03:22 Measuring the success of implementing edge

05:13 Dell’s goal with Exhibit A

07:19 How small businesses can deploy edge technology

10:46 The tech learning curve

14:04 Scaling technology for everyone

15:37 Weighing cost vs. ROI

17:30 How Matthew manages his cashflow

20:17 Dell’s shifting business model



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